5 Amazing Blog Title Writing Tips (Get More Clicks on Posts)


5 Amazing Blog Title Writing Tips: Is your post not getting enough clicks on social media or search results pages? Uhm, this is a sign that you need to write more engaging blog titles.

Many bloggers, mostly newcomers, ignore the importance of headlines.

An eye-catching blog title can attract tons of visitors to your blog. Conversely, fewer people will click on your post if the quality of its title is poor.

Whether your article is ranking on a search engine or you have thousands of members on a social page – you cannot benefit from it due to a bad post title.

To give my words more clarity, I have this comparative screenshot here.


Look at the articles, from two different blogs, ranking for the keyword: How to start a blog. Although both focused on the same subject, they have somewhat different titles.

And, it must have made a difference to the traffic they receive.

If you pay attention to the first result, you will see that it has a simple headline. Similarly, see the second result just below the first one.

Found any difference?

The second article has much more engaging blog title than the previous one. It is using some numbers and seductive words to grab viewers’ attention.

As a result, it will drive the majority of traffic to its blog despite ranking second. This is how a boring and an interesting headline work.

Sounds interesting, right?

But, how are you going to make your blog titles more catchy? Do you have any strategy for it?

No? Don’t worry! You do not need any.

Just read this short blog post on “amazing blog title writing tips” to the end. After this, you will master the art of creating great headlines for your articles.

Top Headline And Blog Title Writing Tips

Here are the highlights of Blog Title Writing Tips:

  • Use Numbers in Blog Titles
  • Add Seductive Words to Your Headlines
  • Use Title Generator Tools For Powerful Headlines
  • Use Title Checker Tools
  • Analyze Your Competitors

Use Numbers in Blog Titles

Using numbers in blog titles is an intelligent way to get more clicks. If your content is related to tips, guide, or tricks, use numbers to get user attention.

By saying numbers I mean odd numbers as it makes more impact.

This is the nature of the audience. In the case of search results, they prefer odd numbers more.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some popular blogs.


They use numbers like 5, 7, 23, or 101 in headlines to make it more catchy. Below are some interesting writing examples.

You see?

These headlines are alluring enough to get more clicks compared to normal ones.

Also, it is again a great idea to use some strong words with numbers. So, let us move on to our next point.

Add Seductive Words to Your Headlines

Do you use strong words in titles? No? Then, put it at the top of your checklist.

Such words enforce viewers to click on your article. Whether it is social media or search engine, your audience should find your content engaging.

On social media, viewers first see the title and thumbnail of the content you share. Based on these, he decides whether to read it or not.

Likewise, a searcher looks at the title and meta description of blogs in the search result. So, I hope you understood the importance of emphatic words in a headline.

But, how to find suitable strong words for your topic? To find one, you can trigger viewers’ emotions.

For example, suppose I am writing an article on “Blogging Mistakes”. Now, consider this keyword in depth.

The topic is about something that bloggers don’t want to do. So, I can trigger their emotions like fear.

In this case, the title can be: 7 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career.

Now, let’s see how it works.

After reading this title, the person will enter a contemplative state. After all, no one would want to make a mistake that ruins his career, isn’t it?

So, the viewer will go through a sense of fear and curiosity. It will enforce him to click on your article, amazing right?

Use Title Generator Tools For Powerful Headlines

If you find it difficult to create a title yourself, consider using headline generator tools. It will give you bunch of ideas in seconds.

You just enter your focus keyword, click on “Generate Titles”, and BOOM! Many appealing title ideas are out there.

For example, let us talk about a popular tool, FATJOE.

Fatjoe screenshot Write amazing headlines
FATJOE-Blog Title Writing Tips

When you type your keyword and press enter—it brings out 10 eye-catching headline ideas. Moreover, you can generate 100 more title ideas by subscribing to newsletters.

Headline generator tools work like a magic for new bloggers. However, you should not depend entirely on it.

Sometimes, the titles are not suitable for your topic. Therefore, you may need to edit it accordingly. Besides this, these tools are great for extracting ideas.

Here is a short, but helpful, list of popular title generator tools. Each of the tools is FREE for all.

Use Title Checker Tools

Suppose you have written a catchy title for your post. But, what if only half of it is visible in search? That would look strange, wouldn’t it?

Search engines, specially Google, like short headlines. If a title is too long to read, search engines cut some parts and show the rest.

Pay attention to the two sites with different titles in the image.

Two sites comparison title writing tips

The entire headline of the first result is visible. Whereas, some part of the second result is not visible to us. The reason is the length of the title.

Some researches say, “The first 50 to 60 characters of a headline appears in search”.

You might be thinking of writing the title as a difficult task. Uhm, yes it is. But, using some tools will help you do it perfectly.

Some title checker tools are out there on the internet. I have listed some of them below.

To be honest, I like to use MOZ; it gives more accurate results. You just need to enter your title; it will show an exact preview of Google search result.

Analyze Your Competitors

The last blog title writing tip from me is to analyze your competitors. Many say, “Why should I copy others? This is not good!”.

Well, I am not suggesting you to copy title of other. Not at all! But, it is a good practice to extract ideas from competitors.

This is what blogging experts do!

And, you should do the same to reach their level. But, how to do this? Is there any step-by-step process?

Yes, there is!

You can use SEO tools like Ahref or SEMRush to find out the top-ranking posts of others. Analyze the title of those posts; It is playing a big role in the ranking.

Try to examine the words, keywords, structure, numbers, and everything.

Other than using SEO tools, you can search your focus keyword on search engines. Then, copy headlines of top-ranking blogs in notepad.

Take some inspiration, use numbers, and catchy words, and do everything that makes your blog title better than others.

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