Bluehost Review: A Complete Overview of Pros & Cons


Bluehost Review: Bluehost is one of the biggest and well-known web hosting providers in the world. It hosts more than 2 million websites worldwide. It has also gained popularity in the WordPress society as it has been recommended by WordPress.org. since 2006.

Bluehost has always tried to stay updated to provide the best services to its customers. It is a hosting site for users with high experience or no experience at all. It is one of the best in the business as it provides many features like free domain, free SSL for all plans. The company offers many hosting solutions, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WooCommerce hosting.

Bluehost Review: A Complete Overview of Pros & Cons
Bluehost Review: A Complete Overview of Pros & Cons

About Bluehost

Bluehost was first conceived in 1996, but it was only in 2003 that the owner Matt Heaton settled on it, and with time, Bluehost has grown incredibly and made some extensive upgrades and has brought a lot of changes in the web hosting business.

Bluehost is well known for its performance and reliability, thanks to which its customers can focus entirely on their content. It also has excellent customer service, which is available 24/7 and can help you with almost all the problems that come your way.

WordPress has officially recommended three web hosting companies, and Bluehost is one of them, which shows their reliability. It is also a massive boost for them as WordPress powers 27% of the world’s websites.

Bluehost Review: Pros and Cons

Everything and every one has its pros and cons, in the same way, Bluehost has its pros and cons, just like every other web hosting company. Let us discuss them:



When buying a product or a service, we first tend to look at the cost of the product, and the cost of the plans that Bluehost provides is excellent if we look at the number of features that come along with it. It is also very budget-friendly for beginners who are just starting with not a very big budget.

Bluehost also offers a lot of discounts with the help of coupons.


Bluehost has an excellent uptime as it has an average of 99.98% over a tenure of one year. It shows that your website is up and running at all times. Although each hosting company experiences some downtime, Bluehost is still the best in this regard.

Loading speed:

Bluehost has a breakneck loading speed as the average time is said to be 2.89 seconds. Speed is essential as it improves the user experience, and Google will give you more favor in the search results, which will also help you get more visitors.

Customer support:

Customer support is one factor that Bluehost excels in as the support system is available 24/7, which will assist the customer in what technical problems and will solve them all without any hesitation.

Free services:

Services like SSL, email IDs, and free domain (for one year) are available for free when you sign up, which is a boost as it helps you with your budget.

User interface:

Bluehost boasts about its clean control panel; it uses cPanel, which aids you to create appealing and functional pages for your website.


Constant upselling:

During and after sign up, you can see constant upselling pitches, which can get annoying with time, and they should cut down on it as it makes the user experience very unappealing.

Migration fees:

If you plan on migrating from another hosting site to Bluehost, then the migration prices are pretty high, which is discouraging. A reduction in its price would be very beneficial.

Renewal prices:

The domain prices are higher than other hosting sites, and the shared hosting plans also have high renewal prices.

Bluehost Review: Performance of Bluehost

One of the essential features of a hosting site and, for some, the most crucial factor is measured on two metrics.

Loading And Uptime:

You have the loading time and the uptime. Bluehost has been providing us solid uptime, and although there are some complaints regarding the uptime of Bluehost, it has an average of 99.98% of uptime.

The loading speed of Bluehost is also very promising at an average of 2,89 seconds, with adequate time being 3 seconds, Bluehost tends to perform at an excellent speed. When talking about a hosting site’s performance, we cannot just talk about its speed and uptime and conclude that the performance is good or bad.

Hosting Panel:

We also have to talk about the simple interface it has. Bluehost uses cPanel, the most comfortable hosting panel, and its dashboard is also very WordPress friendly. Also, it has a one-click WordPress installation option, which is simple and easy to use. It does impact the performance of the site as it allows the user experience to be smoother.


The inbuilt caching feature is also one that sets it apart from its competition as it allows you to manage the caches in your website for faster and better performance. Like other hosting sites, you do not need a third-party caching plugin to do so.

Bluehost has a very promising WordPress hosting service as it has an official recommendation from WordPress. It has the right interface to make the site WordPress friendly. It makes it very simple for users who want to upload their blogs on their WordPress site. This will help your website rank higher with a faster loading speed and a stable uptime.

It also comes with its checklist, like your own checklist in your diary, which lets the users check the things they have missed out on or need to complete; it is one of the best hosting sites for beginners. Not to forget the unlimited databases and Bandwidth it provides without any extra charges.

Bluehost’s hosting plans and features.

Most people tend to use shared hosting services, and it is one of the best and most affordable hosting services available. Still, along with shared hosting, there are other hosting plans that Bluehost provides its customers with, so let us discuss the different hosting plans that blue host offers.

Shared hosting:

In this hosting plan, your files will be saved on a server along with files from other websites with whom you are sharing the server. The server’s Bandwidth and resources are shared here, and there is little or no control over the server settings or operations. This is the perfect option for websites with low traffic Blogs and small businesses available at an affordable price.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):

You will be sharing a server here, but you will have your personal space, and you can control and customize the settings and operations in your space. You don’t need to share your Bandwidth or resources with anybody else. It is an upgrade to Shared hosting.

Dedicated server hosting:

In dedicated server hosting, you do not share your server with anyone as you have your server, which means that you do not have to share your Bandwidth or resources. Complete control and customization of your software and operations. Although, you do not have physical access to the hardware.

This is for large complex sites with high traffic, and as you have to manage everything on your own, an I.T. a professional is required.

WordPress hosting:

This is designed especially for WordPress sites, and it helps you manage your WordPress site very easily. It comes with all the WordPress themes and templates required for the best customization of your WordPress site. It also has all the plugins and extensions needed.

WooCommerce hosting:

This is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It allows the user to start an online business through WordPress, which could be for any purpose like selling their merchandise or making premium memberships for paid viewers to earn revenue and support the site and the user. It offers all the features for you to start your own online business.

Bluehost’s shared Plans:

Since shared hosting is the highest on-demand plan, and most users prefer, here is an insight into all the different plans of the shared hosting plan. There are three shared plans that Bluehost offers, and they are Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus plan.


This is the first and the cheapest plan available. It allows you to host one website with 50GB SSD storage. You have unlimited Bandwidth and an SSL certificate, which comes free.

The performance level is said to be standard. It provides you with one single domain for one year, along with five parked domains and 25 subdomains. You are also provided with email accounts.

● Rs 199/month (36 months plan)
● Rs 259/month (24months plan)
● Rs 299/ month (12 months plan)


Plus plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites with unlimited SSD storage and unmetered Bandwidth like every other plan. It also comes with an SSL certificate and promises standard performance.

It provides you with unlimited domains for one year, which includes unlimited parked domains and subdomains. You also have unlimited email IDs. Spam experts are available for safety.

● Rs 299/month (36 months plan)
● Rs 359/ month (24months plan)
● Rs 459/month (12 months plan)

Choice Plus:

Choice Plus plan also allows you to host an unlimited number of websites with unlimited SSD storage and unmetered Bandwidth like every other plan. It has an SSL certificate for security and has the standard performance.

It provides you with unlimited domains for one year, which includes unlimited parked domains and subdomains. You also have unlimited email IDs. Spam experts are available for safety along with domain privacy and site backup.

● Rs 299/month (36 months plan)
● Rs 359/ month (24months plan)
● Rs 459/month (12 months plan)

The renewal prices differ as compared to the initial plans. You might see a similarity in the plus and choice plus plans’ costs, but there is a vast price difference in the renewal plans.

Tip: You can opt for the choice plus plan and enjoy more features at the same plan, and after your tenure has expired, you can downgrade to the plus plan and use it at a lower rate.

Bluehost Review: Customer support

Bluehost is an amiable web hosting company for beginners, but there’s something that both newbies and the pros need in the best quality: customer service. So, is Bluehost customer support good enough?

Bluehost has 750 employees and a very dedicated customer service team which is available 24×7; one can contact them through live chat, email service, or even through a telephone; the group is very patient, and they have high technical knowledge, they ensure that the problem is solved and the work gets done. The resolution time is around 20-45 minutes, which is an average support time for any hosting service.


Bluehost is one of the best website hosting companies in the business and has been in the market for a long time and has been fulfilling most users’ needs, and has upgraded itself with time. It is a budget-friendly hosting service with good customer service and also good performance and reliability.

People’s needs differ from person to person, so if this hosting service fits your bill and fulfills all your requirements, you should opt for it without any hesitation as it is a very trustworthy brand and comes with a 30days refund policy.

In my opinion, Bluehost is the hosting service provider for beginners and small businesses with such an easy interface and all the necessary tools available at your fingertips it is one to opt for beginners and also for experts.

So this was the complete Bluehost Review about its pros and cons. In this Bluehost Review we also covered the Performance of Bluehost as well as Pricing and Plans. If you have any doubt about this Bluehost Review let me know in the Comment and I will be happy to solve your queries.

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