5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers


Are you pushing it too hard to complete your blogging tasks? Then, here I have some of the best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers.

These extensions will help you to do the difficult or time-consuming tasks easily.

There are dozens of browsers available on the internet. But, Chrome is almost everyone’s first choice.

Also, it has the biggest web store having more than 190 thousand helpful extensions. These add-ons help bloggers to write content, stay focused, capture screens, and more.

WOW! This is amazing, isn’t it?

This is something that almost all bloggers – including experts – use for their work.

But, how can you find the helpful extensions from the huge list on the web store?

Uhm, confused?

Do not worry! To make your work easier, I’ve put all the useful Google Chrome extensions in a list.

I also use them for my day-to-day blogging tasks for more productivity.

All add-ons work differently. But, the objective of all is to reduce your workload.

Whether you’re creating a painted image, designing a blog, or writing content—extensions help you with everything.

So, is your excitement level high enough? Excellent, let’s start the article!

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers


Suppose you are reading informative articles on SEO on the internet. And, you want to store this information for future use.

What will you do?

Bookmark the page? This is the most common answer I may receive.

But what if I tell you that a much better option is available?

The Evernote extension lets you clip important pages on the internet. You can save the page as an article, bookmark, or screenshot.

After installing the Evernote extension, you have to create a free account.

Then, you can clip a page to the Evernote notebook.

But, how is it different from the default browser bookmark feature?

The main difference is the category-wise clipping facility. It allows you to clip pages according to their category.

Moreover, you can capture and edit screenshot of a specific area.

Whether you are researching for content, keywords, or ideas—the Evernote Chrome extension will help you.


If you ever tried to know about SEO, you must be familiar with MOZ.

MOZ Bar is a toolbar by MOZ that gives all-purpose SEO features. It shows various metrics like DA and PA of a search result or page.

As a free SEO tool, it saves a lot of your time.

For instance, you had to visit DA checker websites, type the domain name, and fill the captcha to check a site’s authority.

Gosh! It wastes so much time.

But using MOZ Bar, you just have to visit the site you want to analyze. And, MOZ will show important metrics like links, authority, etc.

Moreover, it shows the same metrics for websites on Google SERP.

So, MOZ Bar is an amazing Google Chrome extension for bloggers. It will help you analyze competitors and formulate a link-building strategy.

Stay Focused

Do you find yourself procrastinating or wasting time in working hours?

Then, you need to increase your concentration power.

I have seen many new bloggers deviating from their goals in recent years.

In a world full of distractions, it can be difficult for one to focus on work. After all, there are lots of entertaining stuff on the internet.

But trust me, these are not going to fulfil your dreams!

As a blogger, your focus should be on learning and growing your blog. Anything other than this goal becomes a distraction, Right?

So, StayFocused helps you focus on work.

This is a Chrome extension for bloggers offered by Transfusion Media.

It helps you focus on work by limiting the usage time on selected websites.

The way StayFocused works is fabulous!

First, you have to list the websites you spend most of your time on. Some examples are Facebook, YouTube, any Fun Platform, etc.

Then, you set a time limit to use these platforms every day.

After the usage time limit is over, StayFocused blocks all these sites. You cannot access them until the next day.

If you want to change your habit of wasting time, try this out!

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Are you weak in English?

Uhm, Then you must be facing many grammatical mistakes, right?

Grammatical mistakes can affect your blog negatively.

My mother tongue is not English. This is why it was not easy for me to write in this language in the beginning.

But, thanks to Grammarly!

The Grammarly Chrome extension for bloggers works fantastically. The objective of this tool is to help you write mistake-free content.

However, some of its features need premium subscription.

As a beginner, many bloggers write articles having several errors. This extension detects all spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool for WordPress as far I know.

After installing the tool on the Chrome browser, you can use it on many writing platforms. For example, Google Docs, Writebox, WordPress, Blogger, and more.

For improveing writing skills, Grammarly is a must have Chrome extension for bloggers.


As a blogger, it is good to check a detail overview of other sites.

SEOQuake is an SEO tool that provides helpful website metrics. The data includes details like backlinks, Alexa rank, SERP overlay, etc.

Other than this, it shows the website domain and page authority as well.

Some bonus features are on-page SEO audit, Keyword difficulty, GSC integration.
SEOQuake helps you do a thorough SEO analysis of websites.

Amazing, Right?

It is a helpful Chrome extension for bloggers. It reveals many important details like domain age, traffic, authority, backlinks, etc.

However, you may need to connect your free SEM Rush account with it.

Sum Up

So, this was a small list of helpful Google Chrome extensions for bloggers.

These are my favorites out of thousands of extensions on the web-store. All these help me to make my tasks easier.

If I missed any popular or helpful extension, let me know about it in comments.

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