Buy Google Home Mini at Rs 499: Get the Voucher


Google Home Mini at Rs 499: Google, along with Flipkart, is offering its voice-controlled speakers at a budget-friendly price (Rs 499). The shocking fact is that the price is just about 20% of its original cost.

Instead of paying Rs 1,999, you can save money by taking advantage of this limited offer. This offer will continue till February 25, 2021.

All users, having a Google account, can avail this tremendous discount. However, there is a twist. To get the discount or voucher, you have to play a small game using the Google Assistant on phone.

The game is widely called the Google Home Mini Game where you need to complete some tasks allotted by Google Assistant.

People who complete the tasks and list themselves among the first 1000 users will win a voucher. Using this voucher in Flipkart, winners can get the Google Home Mini at just Rs 499.

Google Home Mini Game starts at 12 AM every day. And, Google will continue choosing the first 1000 winners per day till 25th of February. So, scroll down, and read the steps to grab this great deal.

How to Buy Google Home Mini at Rs 499

  1. Open Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” on your Android phone.
  2. Then, say “Play Google Home Mini Game” to participate in the game.
  3. Now, you will see a page with 3 tasks in Google Assistant. Some example tasks are the following –
    1. Open any existing mobile app using Assistant.
    2. Call someone in your contact list using Google Assistant.
    3. Tell Assistant to play a video on the YouTube app.
  4. Complete all the tasks one-by-one. To return to the game page after completing a task, say “OK Google, Play Google Home Mini Game“.
  5. After the game ends, you’ll either see a congratulatory page or “So Close!” Page. If you win, use the voucher to get Google Home Mini at Rs 499. Scroll down to know how to redeem the voucher code in Flipkart.
  6. If you lose, you can participate in the game the next day till February 25, 2021.

How to Redeem the Voucher in Flipkart

If you win the Google Home Mini game, you will see a congratulations page. This page contains some voucher details and a button. To use the voucher, follow the following steps –

  • Sign in to your Flipkart account using the official app.
  • Apply the offer code in Flipkart Rewards.
  • Then, Go to the Google Home Mini page, and add the item to your cart.
  • You will see the price as Rs 499 instead of Rs 1,999.

Who Can Avail Google Home Mini Offer?

Indian citizens having an age over 18 years can avail of this offer. However, they also need an active Google account. And, the account must be made before 1 month from the day of the contest.
Google Home Mini Game offer is open to android users having the Google app (v10.90.16 or more). Only the first 1000 users who complete the tasks will get the voucher.

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