How to Start A Blog For Free in 2021 (Free Blogging Sites)


Want to know how to start a blog for free to share your articles or earn money online? Then, here is something you are looking for!

Hello there, this is Siddhant from Digital Boys, the best web design services provider. And, today I am going to cover a topic that almost every new blogger is looking for.

I have been blogging in different niches for almost 3 years. And, I know what it feels like when you have the desire, but not the money, to start your blog.

Back to 2017, when I was a student—learning how to blog—I was out of money. But, I had much time to spend on learning. I believe, no one can stop you from earning once you focus on learning.

Therefore, I started learning how to start a blog for free to boost my knowledge; to earn as well.

I have prepared this guide so that you do not have to waste time looking for genuine sources. This article or guide is an extract of my experiences and knowledge.

After spending time (25 min) reading this article, you will learn how to start a blog for free in 2021. I know it is too long to read. But, it has everything you need to know as a blogger.

Guide on How to Start A Blog For Free in 2021

Here is the steps you need to follow to start your Blog for free:

  • Pick a domain name for your site
  • Choose A free blogging platform
  • Install Required Theme and Plugins
  • Launch your blog for free

Pick a domain name for your site

Domain selection work should not be done in haste. This is a name that helps users remember your site. Every website on the internet has its unique domain.

For example, the domain URL of the web page, you are reading right now, is – https://digitalboys.in.

There are two types of domains—custom and subdomain. Using custom domain requires some payment. On the other hand, subdomains are available for free.

Almost all the free blogging sites provide subdomains to start a blog for free. If you want to keep a custom or top-level domain, buy it from the domain registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Moreover, if you want to create a site without investing money, consider using subdomain.

Best Free Blogging Sites in 2021

Here is a list of free blogging sites that you can use to start a blog for free.

  • Wix.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Medium
  • Blogger

1. Wix.com

Wix Homepage

Wix is a popular free website builder that helps everyone to build a website easily. It is a drag-and-drop platform letting you manage everything from the front end.

Whether you are a newcomer or an expert—Wix free blogging site has all you need. Its powerful technology helps you to make your business online within minutes.

No need to purchase hosting or domain; everything is already available in Wix for free. However, there is a drawback to starting a blog for free using Wix.

You will get a domain name with the word “wixsite” in it. So, the address of your free blog will be like this – username.wixsite.com/site.

To start a site on Wix, sign up using your email. Then, create a site yourself or let the platform do it according to your choices.

If you want to customize the site yourself, WYSIWYG editor will help you do that. Using this editing tool, anyone can easily design his site in minutes.

Uhm, it sounds amazing! But, will search engines like Google & Bing index a Wix site? Do you need to submit your free blogging sites to webmasters?

Here comes the answer!

Every site, built on Wix, is friendly to search engines. It means, crawlers will crawl, index, and rank your articles on search engines.

No matter you are using this platform for free or by paying, your site will be indexed. But, make sure you have enabled the site indexing option in settings.

Moreover, it takes some time for search engines to index your free blog. However, summiting a sitemap may speed up the process.

2. WordPress

Start A Blog For Free in 2021 on WordPress

WordPress is one of the best free blogging sites in 2021 available for both, free and paid. You don’t need to mess with codings in the back-end. It is easy to navigate and use.

But, you should understand the difference between its free and premium version before starting. By saying free and paid, I mean WordPress.com and WordPress.org

You must be thinking how these two are different while both have the same name, isn’t it?

Many bloggers fall into this confusion for the first time they start blogging. As a result, they choose the wrong platform to start a blog for free.

The key difference between them is about hosting your website. On WordPress.org, you need to purchase a domain and hosting to build your website. Also, you have full control of your blog.

It lets you fully customize a site, host it on other platforms, use a custom domain name, and more. But, this version of WordPress is not free at all as it requires some investment to create a professional site.

On the other hand, WordPress.com is free of cost. Everyone can start a blog for free using this free blogging site.

But, there are some points to keep in mind while using this free platform.

  • All sites will be hosted on WordPress servers.
  • You will have usage limitations.
  • It does not give you full control of your sites
  • Your site will have a subdomain (Free)
  • Can not earn money using AdSense

These were some limitations of using WordPress.com. But, if you want to start a blog without investing money, it may be a good platform for you.

3. Medium

Start A Blog For Free in 2021-Medium-homepage

Medium is a popular blogging platform where you work as a writer. You don’t need to start a blog, run ads, do affiliate marketing, or anything like this. All you do is put your words in the form of articles.

Also, you don’t have to select a niche for blogging or affiliate marketing. Just choose a topic, write a quality content, and expose yourself to 60 million readers.

Medium is a great option for both, earning money online and driving traffic to a website. In 2018, the time I started using Medium, I sent about 1 thousand monthly visitors to my blog.

No need to manage sites, do Off-page SEO, or do further task. This is amazing, isn’t it?

As Medium is an authority site, your quality articles will rank on search engines.

Consistency in writing quality articles may lead you to become a top writer.

But, how can you make money on Medium? Thinking the same, right?

To earn money as a writer, you can join MPP—Medium Partner Program. According to researches, around 1% of writers are earning from $4000-$30,000.

However, about 59% of people are not earning anything. So, making money out of this free blogging site depends on you.

4. Blogger


Blogger is a free blogging platform and the first choice of beginners. It lets you start a blog for free without spending money on domain and hosting. Most importantly, Blogger is a Google product.

Unlike the free version of WordPress or Wix, you can run ads on your site to make money. This makes it slightly better than other free platforms.

I also started my blogging journey by creating a basic site on Blogger.com. After all, it was a popular and best platform at that time (even now).

However, fewer features, and limited controls affected its popularity in recent times. Even I later moved to WordPress.org. But, many bloggers are still making money using this free platform.

It works similar to WordPress.com, but gives you more flexibility.

To start a blog on Blogger.com, follow these steps:

  • Go to Blogger.com then click on “Create A Blog”.
  • Choose your Google account and continue.
  • Give your blog a title.
  • Enter a URL for the site. The address will be like this – name.blogspot.com.
  • Set A Display Name.
  • Your free blog is ready!

Now, you just have to change the theme and customize it according to you. You can even use your self-made theme in XML format.

Install Required Theme and Plugins

Have you created your free blog using the platforms I have mentioned above? Great!

It is now time to give your site a professional look. You can do it by using a theme and some plugins. On Medium, you don’t have to do anything as you are only a writer there.

But, you will have to customize the site yourself on other platforms. Wix, WordPress and Blogger, each of these three give you free themes.

Changing the theme on Wix can be a bit confusing for beginners. But, the same process is simple on WordPress and Blogger. All you have to do is choose a theme and use it.

You see? So simple!

You should always use mobile and AdSense friendly themes. The reason is the important role of a theme. This affects not only your rankings but also your earnings.

Launch your blog for free

Great job! You have now learned how to start a blog for free.

After choosing the domain, platform, and theme—you are all set to launch your blog. Some platforms allow you to earn indirectly while some allow you to use AdSense.

I have used almost all of them in my learning period. As per my personal experience, I prefer Blogger and Medium as the best free blogging sites.

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