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What is a Blog?: As you have visited this post, I assume that you have an interest in Blogging or you have heard the name of Blogging? Here you will find Detailed Explanation about Blog, Blogging, and Blogger. Let’s head over it and find the answer you may have in your head.

We will also discuss what components are required to create a blog. Along with all these explanations, it is also important for you to know how to start blogging and earn money by creating a website.

There are several ways of making money Online but Blogging is my favorite one. I have been Blogging for the last 3 Years. That’s why we will have a Look at every aspect of Blog, Blogging, and Blogger. Many People do Mistakes that they do not pay attention to the basics of Blogging that leads them to a situation where they couldn’t get the expected result of their hard work.

And I don’t want you to commit the same mistake and I want you to grow faster in your Blogging Career. So here I am going to share every detail to be a Successful Blogger and a Money making Blogger. I will also share the step-by-step guide to start your First Blog in another Article.

But in this post, you will be introduced with all the basics about Blogging and related terms in detail. So let’s head over in and know everything related.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal in the form of a website available on the Internet which is often updated with new information and content. So we can say that a blog is a Web Log on which it is kept fresh and alive by continuously adding new fresh and updated content.

Whenever a person searches for any information on the Internet’s Search Engine like Google or Bing, Search Engines presents various links to many blogs with the content related to the search term.

This means that any information you get from the search on Google or any other search engine is written by a blogger on his Website, which Search Engines presents before you on the basis of the quality of content and the search terms. So Technically search engines are an organizer of contents on the web.

For example, you did a search in Google that “What is a Blog” and you got to this detailed article by DigitalBoys where you will now get complete information about Blog, Blogging, and Blogger.

Let us now know in detail what is the difference between Blog and Website?

What is the difference between a Blog and a website?

Often people do not understand or misunderstand the difference between a blog and a website and get confused. The main difference between a blog and a website is that once a website is created, the contents of a website don’t need to be updated frequently with new information for several months or years.

Whereas a blog needs to be updated with the latest data and information about that particular topic with new information. Sometimes a Blog needs to be updated daily to maintain the Quality of the Information Provided.

Like for example, you are reading this information on the blog right now. Every day or once a week, we keep updating and sharing some valuable and complete information about the topics related to blogging.

But you must know such a website, on which there is no need to continuously update or change their content. Such websites are used by various companies to sell their service or many other websites like YouTube Video Downloader websites or some SaaS websites.

Types of Blog?

Once you decided to start a blog, you also need to know which niche you are going to write a blog about. We will discuss the niche selection for you. But for now, we will have a Look at some famous Blog types. So here I have Mentioned top five famous blog types:

  1. Fashion Blog: In these Blog types, Blogger writes about Fashion. They write how you should dress up. How you should groom yourself and so on related to Fashion Niche.
  2. Food Blog: People love trying different recipes and different foods. Bloggers usually share their recipes knowledge with the Audience on the web and Readers enjoy reading and cooking those recipes. The food blog is also one of the most popular niches.
  3. Lifestyle Blog: Lifestyle Blogs falls under the most popular niches on the web. The reason could be the availability of a wide range of content. There is no limit of content in this niche as you could cover many sub-niches.
  4. Finance Blog: Reason could be the higher revenue you could make from this type of blog. But at the same time, you couldn’t ignore the competition in this niche. There is a huge number of Bloggers working on Finance Blogs.
  5. Travel Blog: If it’s all about the top most popular Blog types, we can’t ignore Travel Blogs. These Blogs are also in the list of top Blog types. And also in this niche, you have wide content to cover.

Now let’s talk about the term Blogging in detail.

What is blogging?

Till now you have known about a Blog and now you should be very excited to know about what is Blogging? I won’t take more time to introduce the Term Blogging before you. So lets the details about the term Blogging and thereafter Blogger.

First, answer me a question, What do you call the profession of developing websites? Website Development, Right?

In the same way, the profession which involves updating information on a blog is called Blogging. Yes in simple words, you can say that Blogging is a Profession of Keeping the Internet fresh with updated data and information on the blog in different formats like text, image, or video.

In Blogging Profession, one’s main motive is to keep their audience updated with the latest possible date and information available and relevant to their Niche.

What do you need for blogging?

In blogging, you have to write on a niche/topic about which you are expert about or you know everything very well about that topic. You can also write in a Micro Niche. Suppose you don’t know how to play every sport but you know very well about Cricket or football or any other single sport. So here, Sports is the parent/main niche and Cricket, Football, and other sports are sub-niches or micro-niche.

Blogging involves many steps like article writing, it is the most important part of Blogging. After you write a great post, you need to create some useful and interactive graphics for your blog post. And after all that, you will have to do SEO of your Post. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The way you explain and express yourself in your blog post is the only reason for your visitors to stick with your Blog. Your Article should be very clear and have all the questions covered that should hit your visitor’s mind.

SEO is also the main and one of the most important aspects of Blogging. You need to do proper SEO optimization in order to rank higher in search engines to get organic visitors from the search engines to your blog.

You might have heard about the famous quote “Content is King”. So I believe that creating great content is also a part of SEO.

Why People do Blogging?

There can be several reasons for Blogging. One could promote their products through their blogs because, the more you write on your website, more the visibility you get on your website. Blogging can also help a business to generate some quality Leads for their Business.

Companies and businesses can Promote their Services and Products by writing articles about that post on their website. As if you look at my service page, I am selling my Website development, Website designing, Article Writing, Social Media Management, and some other services through this Blog.

Many companies also solve the problems and queries about the Product or services provided by them through writing articles on their blog.

Who is a blogger?

Who is a blogger? Just like the person who develops websites is called Website Developer, a Person who creates and manages a blog with updated information is known as Blogger. So simply, bloggers are people who continuously publish information on a website/blog.

As I keep this blog updated with the latest and new Information about blogging, People call me a Blogger. You can work on any niches like food, travel, fashion and so on. If you manage a blog then you are a blogger.

Blogging is not that easy. It takes a lot of hard work from Creating a Value content to ranking it on Google SERP. Blogging is a mixture of Passion and hard work. If you don’t have Passion in Blogging, you can never succeed in Professional Blogging.

For Blogger, his patience is more important than Passion. These Bloggers have such patience that even if they do not earn money for months or years from their Professional Blogging, they still do not Give up. Their consistency takes them to the success level. Consistency is the key to success in Blogging Profession.

Most of the Bloggers don’t earn money for years. Even Harsh Aggarwal and other great bloggers didn’t earn a single rupee from their blog for years. For me, It took almost 2-3 years to earn my first $121 from Google AdSense.

There are three types of bloggers, which include Professional Blogger, Personal Blogger, and Event Blogger. Let us know in detail the main differences between them.

Professional Blogger

Professional bloggers are those who continuously do blogging and also earn money from blogging as their active income. Such bloggers never depend on one blog. They can also have multiple blogs in multiple niches through which these people earn a lot of money. Blogging is a professional blogger’s main career.

The livelihood of Professional Bloggers totally dependent on their Blog(s). There are many bloggers who do not have multiple blogs. They use to earn a lot of money from a single blog by several ways. We will discuss various ways to earn money from a blog further.

Personal Blogger

Personal bloggers are people who do blogging as their hobby. Most of the time they have some great anecdotes or stories for the world that he wants to share with the world. And for that, this method is a pretty good fit for them. They could express themselves through Text, Image, or Videos.

In order to take their story to the world, these people resort to personal blogging. Which is a great way to reach the world? Most Personal Bloggers do not make money from their blogs. Because often his personal blog is like his daily diary entry which they don’t want to monetize.

Event Blogger

Event Bloggers are those who create a theme or occasion-based blog for a particular occasion or event. Like you must have visited some wishing websites that say, Enter your Name and share the wish with your Friends. An event can be anything like a festival or a workshop. It can be linked to the blogger’s personal life.

Event Blogger also generates huge amounts in a Short Period of time. Suppose you created a wishing website for Republic Day in December. But People won’t visit your website after occasion i.e Republic day 26th January. They earn a lot of money by being active for a few days or maybe for a week. In such a short time, so many visitors come to his blog from whom they earn thousands of dollars every day.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Blog

Who can start a Blog?

Anyone who can write a great article about any topic can own a Blog. You need to provide in-depth detail about any topic and you will get visitors and can earn money.

What is the main purpose of a Blog?

Blogs can be used to promote the Product or Services provided by companies. It also used for solving the possible Problem and queries of the customers or clients of a company.

What topic should I choose for Blogging?

You should choose such a topic that you have the knowledge and can write about. If you can write about different Food Recipes, you should choose the Food niche.

What is Difference between Blog and website?

The main difference between Blog and Website is a website doesn’t need to be updated with the latest information. Whereas a Blog needs to be Updated Frequently with the latest information available.

Can you earn money from a Blog?

Yes! There are several ways to earn money for a Blogger. You can use Google AdSense for selling the ad space on your website or can earn from Affiliate by promoting other’s products or services and so on.

How much it cost to start a Blog?

You will need to buy a Domain name (Your website address) and a good hosting like Bluehost or GreenGeeks or may be Hostinger to store all your website files and contents. It may cost you $12 approx for a domain and around $20-100 per year for the hosting.

Can I start a Blog for free?

Yes, you can start a blog for free using some free resources available such as Blogger.com or wordpress.com. You can also use Wix.com and any other free Platform available. You will have limited options available for customization.

Conclusion – What is a Blog?

This post was all about the term What is a Blog, who is a Blogger, and what is Blogging we have had a detailed explanation about the topic and hope that you have learned a lot from this Post. We also learned the difference between a Blog and a Website which was not so difficult to understand. We also have covered some Frequently asked questions that may arise in your mind. If you get some value from this article, consider sharing it with your friends. Also, if you are reading till this line, You are awesome ❤😊 and I am glad to have you here 😍.

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